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Answers to Your Questions Regarding Affiliation

Following up the blog I posted on June 28, 2006 entitled Enjoy X10 and Make A Few Bucks on the Side!, I’ve had numerous questions inquiring more into the affiliation program and how it works.

I would like to share with you some of these questions and provide some answers:

I like the idea of selling on line. But I don't have a web site to work from.

What many people don’t realize is that some of our top-selling affiliates do not operate a website. You can join an affiliate program and earn money simply by word of mouth where you refer people to the affiliate hotline and ask them to purchase by providing their promo code (which is your affiliate ID #), by publishing newsletters, or by pay-per-click advertising on search engines.

I was wondering if I could sell your products locally, let’s say by word of mouth or by placing ads in the newspaper. I could direct them to your website but will I still earn commissions?

Yes, these are great ways to earn commissions on X10 sales! As I touched upon in the first question, X10 has set aside a specific phone number for all Affiliate sales. The customer service representatives are trained to ask for an affiliate ID when calls come into this phone number. So by you marketing and advertising X10 products in newspapers, newsletters, or however you choose, you can make commissions when customers call in and place orders.

If people didn't want to buy through the website and wanted to pay me cash directly. Would I be able to take the cash and order it my self through the website and still earn commission?

Keep in mind when selling this way, the intent of the affiliate program is not to receive discount pricing on self orders, but as a way of rewarding affiliates for marketing X10 products. If you choose to sell this way, make sure you provide the shipping address of the purchaser, otherwise if a purchase appears to be a self-purchase, you will not receive the commissions from these sales. So, even if your intent is to make it easier for your customers to make purchases, provide their shipping information and you won't have to worry about questionable purchases.

I have spoken to potential customers and they feel more comfortable buying through me instead of ordering online. I would still want to have it delivered to them directly so I dont have to deliver it my self. I am a teacher and I plan on doing this part time.

(see my comments to the question above)


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