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Meet Team X10.com

Today, I launched a new feature on the Community website called Meet Team X10.com, where we give you the chance to get to know the people behind the scenes at x10.com. You’ll get the chance to meet the web designers who bring you the sites, we’ll bring you up-close with the customer service team who you converse with when you call our customer service lines, we’ll even bring you up close with our company executives, to find out what makes x10.com tick! This is a great way for you to learn more about us at X10.com!

The first article in Meet Team X10.com is with one of x10.com’s finest web designers Marko Wollschlaeger. Marko has been with x10.com since January, and is already credited for his web designs which are pleasing to the eyes, simple to maneuver, informative, and very professional.

Already with four x10.com websites under his belt, Marko is also lending a hand with the other designers throughout the X10.com company. We are pleased to introduce to you one of X10.com finest, Marko Wollschlaeger.


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