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We're A Crazy Bunch...

Here at X10 Wireless Technology, Inc Headquarters, many of the employees are rejoicing over the fact that today is Friday. After a good week of working hard, we’re all looking forward to a couple of days of R&R.

I wanted to provide a recap for how the week went, and also provide some insight on what happened at the office.

Sara – A copywriter working on the x10sentinel.com site got stung by a bee this week. You may have read about it on a previous entry in her blog. She sits across from me, and that day she spent the day with an ice pack on her swollen lip. I gave her the nickname “Lips,” and she threatened me with bodily harm. Today, Sara was featured in Comedienne Barabara Sehr’s Xactly blog and it made her day, swollen lip and all.

Marko – One of our web designers was recently featured in an article on x10community.com entitled Meet Team X10.com. He was pretty excited about it, and I’m really glad, as he truly does work hard and deserves a lot of credit for his work. Today, Marko has been stuttering on the phone a bit and having good laughs about it. He attributes it to him being “German.” If you had the chance to read his latest blog, he summed it up by saying “It’s Owen’s fault…” (his graphic merchandiser).

Owen – Owen designs graphics for Marko. He too sits across from my desk and when I look over he’s usually jamming to some tunes on his iPod. Owen is now our music critic, taking over the role after the departure of Lindsey, a copywriter from a couple of months ago. If anything, Owen usually takes the blame for everything that happens at X10.com, in fact, because we are able to use him as our scapegoat, it usually makes us feel better about ourselves. Thanks Owen…

Nonetheless, it’s a been a good week at work, and I’m glad that these guys are able to provide some humor to my day. After what happened this week, I can’t wait to see what happens when we get back from the weekend!


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I actually have better taste in music than Owen. (Actually we have disturbingly similar tastes in music, he keeps catching all my obscure references and it freaks me out.) It also helps that everything really is his fault.

My lip still isn't back to normal. :(

Better taste - ha! Markos favorite phrase seems to be catching on - maybe I'll take a few more days off to see how he fares!

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