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Are you ready for some (Fantasy) Football!

This past weekend saw me kicking back watching my beloved Seattle Seahawks beating up on the helpless Arizona Cardinals. With a cold drink in my hand and my feet propped up on the ottoman, nothing was going to get me off of that couch….except, the occasional check on the computer of my Fantasy Football score…

"Wow, if only there was a way to make laziness easier," I thought…. Well now there is! X10 is getting set to unveil the lazy man’s fantasy! Soon, in the power of your hands each “lazy man” will have the capability to monitor their fantasy football score without having to get up from the confines of that nice indent they built into the couch! What can be better than that?

Are you curious as to how this is going to be possible? Well check back soon to find out! Trust me, every "lazy man" is going to want one of these!

Editor's Note: Here's the link as to what Mike was talking about! http://x10community.com/article_fantasy_football_09192006.html


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