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Can I Affiliate with X10 If I live Outside of North America?

As the Affiliate manager, one of the most asked questions I receive comes from others living globally outside of the United States and Canada. The question “Can I join if I operate my website from a country that’s not the US or Canada?”

The answer to this question is YES! Absolutely! Keep in mind that the Internet is a global phenomenon. It’s a way to tie people together from all parts of the world. As a hobbyist web designer I know that many of my readers come from outside the US. So I find it fascinating that someone in Europe would be going over things that I am creating in the Northwest Corner up in Seattle. By adding products that they may be interested in, I am reaching out to them overseas and finding ways to earn extra income. This logic holds true for anyone no matter where they may be. X10 may only ship products throughout North America, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the ability to capitalize on this, especially if you draw a readership base with many from the US or Canada.

To learn more, visit us at www.x10affiliate.com


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