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What happened to the Microsites?

I receive many inquires from our affiliates about Microsites. These were mini-websites that X10 used to design for affiliates to help them sell our products. Unfortunately, X10 no longer produces these mini-sites. However, we have had many affiliates inquire about designing their own sites and were in need of articles, comparisons, or faqs regarding X10 products. Those items, we do have. All that’s needed is a simple email to the Affiliates Team at affiliates@x10.com and we can quickly email them to you. Also, please title your subject line with X10 Affiliates, or something that will catch our eye, as we receive thousands of emails a day that are spam.

For those of you looking to be creative, you are also welcome to use any of the items on x10.com if it will help you out. This includes all images, multimedia, graphics, articles and more!

To learn more, visit us at www.x10affiliate.com


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