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Keyword Bidding Policies

I would have to say the most often asked question I receive, and the most important, is “What are X10’s rules when it comes to keyword bidding on the Search Engines?”

To answer this question, there is only 1 rule. All we ask for when keyword bidding, is that your bid not exceed the maximum dollar bid of X10’s bid. Why you ask? The reason is simple. If we were to allow everyone to bid to their maximum content, a huge bidding war would occur, not between us at X10, but between our affiliates. This would lead to a lot of unfairness. In order for these bidding wars to be kept under control, we simply ask that your bids not exceed ours.

I’ve had many affiliates tell me they’ve heard of many crazy rules we have in place. The truth is, for as long as I’ve been the Affiliate Manager, I haven’t heard of any other rules except for the one I mentioned above. However, as an affiliate, if you have questions or concerns, it would be a good idea to bring it up instead of holding off from the program and potentially losing many sales and profits. So, if you have any concerns, send me an email and I’ll be more than happy to address it with you.


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