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Answers To Your Emails.

Here is this week’s installment of “Answers to Your Emails”. Thanks to everyone who wrote in!

Q: How long does the charge last on the wireless XCam?

A: The Xcam comes with a electrical plug that you plug into an electrical outlet and that is how it receives it’s power. “Does this still make it a wireless camera?” you may be asking? Absolutely! The term wireless references the fact that the signal from the camera is sent wirelessy to the receiving device, not the fact that the camera uses a cable for electrical plug-in.

Q: Where can I find more information regarding your remote controls?

A: The best way to find information on any X10 product is to use the knowledgebase that X10 provides. You can find a direct link to the knowledgebase at: http://kbase.x10.com. In terms of the X10 remote controls, as we carry a wide assortments of remotes, you can find a whole listing of them on the knowledgebase.

Q: Help. I need a simple way to turn on a lamp when someone enters.

A: Here’ s an easy solution: one transceiver module (TM751), one Eagle Eye motion sensor (MS14A), and a socket rocket. Once the motion sensor is triggered it sends the signal to the transceiver which then sends it to the socket rocket to turn on the light.

Q: How do I register my camera?

A: You can register your products by calling X10 at 800-675-3044 and speaking to a customer service representative in our Support department.

Q: HELP! I cannot find the manual for the Powerhouse Model MS13A motion detector. Please help me.

A: You can find manuals at the X10 Community website. But, here’s a direct download link to the PDF manual for the MS13A motion detector: ftp://ftp.x10.com/pub/manuals/ms13a-ms14a-is.pdf


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