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Questions Customers Think About Before Making A Purchase

The major stumbling block that keeps your potential customers from making purchases comes when absolute certainty can not be answered in their mind. When deciding to purchase a world of questions usually comes up, so it’s always best to prepare your site to answer these questions in advance, for in doing so will make buying from you an easier decision.

I wanted to compile a list of questions that these buyers will think about. Also, let’s get some thoughts and comments about these. If you can think of any more questions, post and share them with us. So without further adieu, let’s begin:

Do I really need this? This is of course the biggest question in all potential buyer’s minds when making a purchase. What can you do to convince your buyer’s that what you are trying to sell is definitely needed?

Is it worth it? Notice that I didn’t mention anything about affordability or being cheap? Most customers want to know that what they are purchasing is worth the value of what they pay for it.

How will it help me? Sometimes people purchase because there’s a need for help. If the product doesn’t say how it can help then chances are you’ve just missed out on a sale.

What can I do with it? Sometimes looking cool isn’t enough. Give examples of what your products can do and provide examples of how others have used them. This gets the thought process going in your customers mind and can generate an excitement about how they plan on using their purchases.

What if I don’t like it? X10 has answered this question with a 30-day “no questions asked” return policy. Are you re-assuring your customers?

Can I trust ordering from this website? Customers are very protective and want to know that they are buying safely and securely. Does your website provide these re-assurances that they are buying from a trustworthy site?

Let’s keep this list going. The more answers we can provide the more opportunities we have to earn those sales. Start posting away!


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