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Answers To Your Emails

Here are this week’s installment of “Answers to Your Emails”. Oddly, most of the questions I’ve received this past week have focused on the X10 ProtectorPlus Alarm System. Thanks to everyone who wrote in!

Q: What kind of battery is used with the Protector Plus Alarm system?

A: The ProtectorPlus console comes shipped with one 9v battery. The console provides 20 hours of backup time provided the alarm has not been triggered. The door and window sensors operate on AAA batteries, and the motion sensors operate on AA batteries. However, the main electrical source of the console is electrical.

Q: Does the ProtectorPlus Alarm System work with VOIP?

A: Yes. More information about your inquiry can be found at our WIKI. Here’s a direct link to your answer.

Q: Can the ProtectorPlus Alarm system you sell be added to? I would like about 3 motion sensors, 2 keychain remotes, 4 door connections and a few glass breakage detectors. Can this do that?

A: Absolutely. The nice thing about X10 products are the compatibility of one another and the ability to upgrade. If you are looking for additional items on top of the standard package, I would recommend speaking to one of our customer service reps at 800-675-3044, as they have the ability to price package specifically for your needs.


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