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Liabilities as an Affiliate?

I received an email by Caid yesterday, who is new to the “world of affiliation.” I thought he posed a good question, so I wanted to share it with you.

Caid wondered “Would I in any way, shape or form be liable or responsible for tech support or returns?”

As I thought about my reply to his question, I realized that this was a great fear for many new people who are leery of joining an affiliate program because they fear there's a lot involved with the process. Most people just don’t know enough about the products they are selling, so they don’t want to deal directly with the customers out of fear or unknowing.

As an affiliate, your primary role is strictly in advertisement and marketing. Affiliates do not deal directly with the product or the customers. So, Caid, to answer your question…. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of that end.

The goal of our affiliate program is to make your experience as an affiliate as simple as possible. You advertise and we’ll do the rest. This means we handle all customer service issues, we handle all orders, we handle product shipment, and yes, we even handle the returns. Your customers are provided our phone numbers and our support information, so our team is ready to help.

Caid also posed another question that is probably on the mind of many people wanting to sign up but not knowing the answer to, that being “Is there any kind of contract or time frame involved? For example I did this and decided to quit after a week, month or year.”

The nice thing about affiliate programs are that there are no contractual obligations on your end. You can choose to be an affiliate for a day or for a lifetime. If you decide that you’ve had enough and are ready to move on, it’s that simple. You don’t even have to notify us. Keep in mind that you as the affiliate are running your own business. We’re just here to help you with what we can. If you decide that this just isn’t for you, you are free to leave on your own free will.

Do you have a question about the X10 VIP Affiliate program? Let me know by emailing me directly at affiliates@x10.com.


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