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Answers To Your Emails

Thanks to Hilary, Terry, Anderson, and John for writing in. Here are this week’s installment of Answers to Your Emails.

Hilary writes "I’m interested in a video camera that you can hide. Of course small would be preferred."

Hilary, we have a large selection of cameras to help you. If you'd like to browse our online catalog, you can do so at http://www.x10.com/catalog/cat_cameras.htm. If you need assistance in choosing one, please either email our Customer Service team at service@x10.com or call us directly at 800-675-3044, as we can match the camera to your needs.

Terry writes "I tried to order off the internet site for your RoboDog Alarm and all it would sell me was the extended warranty. There must be something wrong there."

Hi Terry, unfortunately the RoboDog is a discontinued item. Feel free to read more about this on my recent blog post entitled “The RoboDog is Extinct.”

Anderson asks “I just got the X10 Mouse Remote control device and it is only use ps/2 or serial port to execute. Do you support USB port on this device? Because, 99% of new laptops do not have serial port or ps/2 port, then how can I use this device in the future.”

Anderson, you can buy a PS2 to USB adaptor available at most electronic stores, and that should take car of this problem. Thanks for mentioning this issue as it’s definitely a good point that you bring up.

John asks “What can you tell me about the X10 Contractor Program?”

John, the Contractor program (also known as our Reseller program) allows you to purchase X10 items at a discount from the wholesale rate. As an X10 contractor, you are then eligible to: sell these items for profit (many of our contractors have found great success selling on eBay); or sell these items along with an installation service (meaning you can charge for the products and the installation for your clients). Many of our contractors make a great living providing these services and are proof positive of successful business owners. If you want to know more about being an X10 Contractor, check out this past article to learn more: http://x10community.com/article_contractor_08222006.html


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