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The X10 Wireless Video Sender Kit

One of the most popular items in the X10 product line is the Wireless Video Sender kit, a 2-piece kit containing one video sending unit and one video receiving unit.

Each unit is about the size of a doughnut (length and widthwise). The video sender hooks up to a device such as a cable box, satellite tuner, or DVD player to re-broadcast that signal wirelessly to another device in a different room that is hooked up to the video receiver. If you don’t have a cable jack in the second room or some way to gain a reception, you now have the ability to watch TV clearly and listen in on crystal clear audio by sharing the signal from a different room.

Installation of the video sender kit is simple, requiring only that you plug the power supplies into each device, then the coax or RCA jack cables into both the sender and receiver along with the devices you are attaching them to. No software or additional installation is needed as you are ready to begin transmitting from the sender to the receiver.

The Wireless Video Sender Kit is compatible with most televisions; DVD players, cable boxes, satellite dish receivers, VHS players, DVR units, video gaming systems and more, providing a cheaper alternative to renting or purchasing extra un-necessary equipment or wires in order to extend your devices to additional rooms.

At a cost of only $49.95 USD, X10 will even take care of the shipping and handling fees to customers in the US! Basic shipping rates to Canada are only $10 CAD plus GST.

To learn about the X10 Video Sender kit, visit www.x10videosender.com for more details.


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