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Installers Needed In The X10 Database

I received a call the other day from a customer in the West Palm Beach, Florida area needing to locate an installer to help setup her equipment. Calls like this become more frequent as more and more people buy X10 products. They need assistance in getting their equipment setup.

If you are an X10 Contractor or are a qualified X10 Installer, have your name or business added to the X10 Installer database. The cost is only $14 a year, and you have the opportunity to charge for your installation services. To add your name email us directly at contractor@x10.com or call toll-free at 888-455-5658.


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I want to become a x-10 qualified installer. Who or what should I be looking for to be one.

Hello Jose,

To be an installer requires an understanding of how to setup X10 products. As we receive many calls and emails daily from people looking for installers, you have the ability to charge hourly or a set rate for your abilities to set up X10 items for your customers.

If you are already an installer of our products, have yourself added to our database for only $14 a year. We refer our customers who are in your area directly to you. You simply have to call X10 at 800-675-3044 and request to be added to the Installer database.

If you need more information on setting up X10 products, please send me an email at community@x10.com and I will be more than happy to provide more details.



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