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X10 Headquarters Is Moving

It may be only a few miles away, but starting Monday, X10 headquarters will be operating from a new headquarters. No longer will we operate from our Kent facility as we will be down the road in Renton a few miles north of our current building.

It’s been an interesting year with so many changes occurring. Not only do we have a new facility, we also have a new President to head the direction of the Company, from our outgoing one who will be leaving to focus on other projects around the X10 family.

In addition, there are so many new faces when looking around, as we have new copywriters, marketers, IT Engineers, and graphic designers, with still a few more positions to fill down the road. Like most companies employees come and go, but like the current trend, X10 continues to move forward

Things at X10 headquarters are a bit scattered right now as everything is being dismantled and moved. However, the future in the new building brings a hope for a brighter future.


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