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Product Test Panels

Since I’ve been the Community Director, I’ve been in charge of setting up various product panels at our headquarters showcasing some of our newest products for the public to see.

Product Test panels are always fun to partake in because you get to see the reactions of the panelists as they get to view first hand the latest gadgetry and devices that the X10 Development Team come up with. Overall, people love what they see and definitely have a lot of input to provide. The added bonuses come with the rewards the panelists receive simply for showing up as they either get to take the product home to keep, receive gift certificates to the online store, or even get their fuel expenses reimbursed at a generous rate.

The first to showcase was the X10 Video Calling System, making its debut last October. An awesome video system (I hate referring to it as a webcam, as the term takes away from the many capabilities of the camera) with the power to zoom, pan, tilt, and autofocus like no other on the market designed for this same purpose. I remember the panel reactions with the Oohs and Ahhs and all the useful insight they were able to provide.

The latest showcases have been for our new upcoming product. I’m really anxious to spill the beans on it, but am holding off until the “right” time. We’ve held several local panel sessions where we gave the product away to the delight of those who were participating, and the reviews and input we received are definitely worthy of the X10 product line.

The nice thing about these panels is that most people ask for us to keep their names in the panel list for other items we may be developing, so obviously it's a win-win situation for everyone.

Do we do national panels you may be inquiring for those of you living far away from X10 headquarters? The answer is yes! We’ve shipped product before to people throughout the US and Canada and those have also been deemed a success.

I encourage those of you who get the opportunity to sign up for test panels whenever you get the chance! Not only are you giving us the opportunity to put together a better product, but you also help yourself with all of the cool things we like to give away!


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