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Answers To Your Emails

Here are this week’s answers to your emails. Thanks to everyone who wrote in!

James asks “I am planning on upgrading to Microsoft Vista Ultimate will your software continue to work?”

Hello James. Thanks for the inquiry. At this time our software is currently setup to operate on All Windows versions of XP and previous. We are currently testing for MS Vista, and should have some releases for this operating system available in the future.

Gautam asks “With this home surveillance system is the DVR provided?”

Gautam, most of our surveillance kits come with a VCR Commander, a device that receives the signals and acts as a remote control to your VCR telling it when to record and when to stop. In the event you are looking for computer software to record directly to your harddrive, this is another option we have available also.

Anonymous asks “Where can I buy online if I am living outside US and Canada?”

Unfortunately at this time we are only available to ship within Canada, the US, and all US territories. Also keep in mind that X10 products are developed with the North American electrical standard of 110V, so if you live in a country that uses a 220V electrical standard, these items would not be compatible.

Michael asks “Please find out what glass breaking detectors I can use with my x10 wireless security system I have ....I have been searching for over a week cannot find out any information...Also a pet immune motion sensor ....... I really would like to add this to my system.”

Hello Michael, a perfect solution to both of your questions would be to place a HawkEye motion sensor above the window at the curtain line. Thus, if anyone tries to enter through a window the sensor will detect it. In addition, the sensor would be placed high enough away from the range of your pets.


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I've already upgraded to Vista, and am having problems getting to the software. Any suggestions?

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