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Testing Your Cookies To Make Sure They Are Functioning

Because of concerns of making sure they receive commissions from their online orders, I have affiliates call in on a regular basis to test their links to check that their affiliate information is properly embedded.

The simplest way I tell them is to use a Firefox browser.

Here are the steps for checking your affiliate cookies to make sure they are properly embedded:

1. Open up a new Firefox browser and clear out the cookies. You can do this by selecting: TOOLS (on the toolbar) then on the dropdown menu selecting OPTIONS.
2. Click on the PRIVACY tab on the small window, then toward the bottom right of the window click the CLEAR COOKIES NOW button.

3. Click OK to close the options window then type in the URL on the address bar to load your page.
4. Click on an X10 banner or link and place an item in the shopping cart.
5. From the shopping cart, again go back to the options window by clicking TOOLS (on the toolbar) then on the dropdown menu selection OPTIONS.
6. Click on the PRIVACY tab, then towards the bottom of the window click the VIEW COOKIES button.
7. You should see an X10 folder. Expand the folder by clicking the plus (+) sign and look for the cookie that says AffID.

8. The AffID cookie information will have your affiliate ID present. If you are an X10 VIP member, the affiliate id begins with an x10_ followed by the account number. If you are a Commisison Junction affiliate, you should see your customer identification number present. In the event the AffID cookie is blank, then your affiliate cookie is not properly installed and you should re-enter your banner codes within your HTML documents with the correct links.

It’s a good idea to check that your cookies are functioning properly on a regular basis. This ensures that you will receive credit for all the sales that come through your site. In the event you have any questions or comments, it’s also always good to contact the Affiliate desk to have us verify your links.


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