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The RoboDog is Extinct!

Even though it hasn’t been around for quite sometime, the RoboDog alarm is still one of the most popular requested items I receive emails about on a daily basis. People want to know where to buy the RoboDog, and it’s not just people from North America but people from all around the world.

I’m sad to report that the RoboDog is a discontinued item that once the allotment was sold out was never reproduced. In fact, it was discontinued even before I arrived at X10. The problem is, that with so many websites catering to X10 products, it’s tough to get the word out to everyone to update their links to remove it from their pages, so that’s why you still see so many RoboDog ads around.

I too am intrigued by the fact of having a barking guard dog without having to shovel out any money for dog food. I also like the fact that the RoboDog doesn’t require early morning walks or bathroom breaks. So, as you can tell, I too would have loved to of owned one of these. I've even gone as far as to check out eBay every so often with the hopes that someone will be looking to put a RoboDog up for “adoption.”

People have told of funny stories of how they used to position their RoboDog alarms near fences on their yard as a joke with the hopes of scaring joggers and passer-by’s on the sidewalk, only to watch these people sprint off fast at the sound of the barking alarm because they thought it was a real dog. Talk about an awesome novelty item!

If you were one of the fortunate ones to grab one of these when they were around, congrats, and I’m sure you’re enjoying your item as they’re nowhere to be found for sale, even on eBay. If you’re like me and wanting to purchase one, good luck and let the treasure hunt begin!


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Why was it discontinued? It doesn't make any sense.

Hi Leslie,

I just wanted to let you know that recently i've brought the popularity of this item to both the President of X10 and to the Director of Operations.

I'm hoping we will be able to get the production rolling on the RoboDog again as there's definitely a strong interest out there.

Thanks for your comments.

The forums are full of questions about this item!
Perhaps while we are waiting for the re-birth of the dog we can do as one fourm user suggested. Copy the sample wav supplied at http://www.x10.com/security/x10_dk9000.htm and trigger it via a ActiveHome Pro macro! True it is a little more complicated then just plugging in a single module but the effects are simular!

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