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Dropship for Profits

Creativity is key for several of our X10 Affiliates. One of the things they are able to do is sell their consulting skills to their customers (when they meet face-to-face) by providing in-depth knowledge about our products that can enhance or better their lives. In doing so, they are able to make the sale and earn the commissions.

A service we at X10 can do for our affiliates is a dropship of the order for their customers. This means that the affiliate would place the order using the customer’s shipping address and information, and X10 would ship the item directly to the customer, providing the affiliate the peace of mind in knowing that the order was properly placed – plus a way to keep their customer informed about what is happening with their order. In addition, it also provides the affiliate the order information in the event a recourse is needed with the X10 Affiliate Department.

This helps you as the affiliate in several ways: first, your customers know who they are buying from and can establish a repoire with you as their consultant. This can lead to follow up sales or even referrals from other friends or family members they may want to share with. In addition, it provides you the ability to sell X10 products without having to purchase them yourself as a contractor (which can get costly – even though you purchase them at a discount).

Providing a dropship service can open up a whole new world to you. It allows you more opportunities to sell and to reach out to a larger target. For instance, now you can set up an eBay store without having to physically carry the product and worry about storage space. When your customer makes a purchase from you, you simply call in the order and the item gets shipped directly from us.

In the event you are looking to provide a dropship service for your customer. I would recommend setting this up first with the X10 Affiliate Department. This ensures your service follows all of the rules of the Affiliate program, and allows us to better help you set up your service.

To learn more, feel free to email us at affiliate@x10.com.


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Does one need to establish dropship only on eBay? Or can one drop ship X10 products from any home security site?

Hello Connie,

You can dropship from any security website.

However, the ability to generate sales through eBay is very good. This is why this blog post focused on eBay. If you have your own website that is generating traffic or sales you can also dropship this way too.

Just keep in mind that you need to use your customer's shipping address and not your own personal shipping address to make the order legitimate under the Affiliate Guidelines.

If you have further questions please feel free to let me know!

Mike M.
X10.com Affiliate | Community | eBay Team

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