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Introducing the X10 iconRemote!

This weekend X10 proudly announced the release of the new X10 iconRemote. A remote control that uses television icons of your favorite tv stations making your television viewing habits a simple experience

A large LCD color screen puts the logos of all major television stations in an easy to see arrangement. At the touch of a button, you can program your remote to go only to the channels you want! Helping you to avoid wasting time and energy on the channels you don’t watch.

The iconRemote serves as a Universal remote control compatible with most major brands of televisions, cable tuner boxes, satellite tuner boxes, video gaming systems, dvd players, stereo systems and more.!

With its ability to let you group your favorite channels under HIS, HERS, KIDS, and more, you have the power to categorize your own personal settings. Your spouse can program their own favorite channels, and you can set the appropriate channels for your children!

Featuring a punchthrough ability, you can program up to 10 different devices to function at the press of one button. Press one key to turn up your home theatre, another to change your television channel, and yet another key to fast forward your DVD player. With so many features, the iconRemote takes X10 to another level.

To learn more about the iconRemote, visit here: http://www.x10.com/promotions/ir10a_remote.html


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This looked really nice replacement for my aging UR74A remotes, until I noticed that it does NOT support X10 RF commands.

Quite a disappointment for a remote coming from X10.

Hi Walt,

The X10 RF commands are something that will be scheduled for a later version of this remote.

At this time, we are developing the remote for an OEM.

So you will eventually be able to use it with your X10 items.

So does that mean that the current model will be upgreable or should we wait until the one with the X10 commands built in?

Hi Stafford,

Actually, you can already use the remote to control your X10 items by using an IR Extender.

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