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My TOP 5 X10 Toys

Someone once asked me “If you had to choose your top 5 favorite X10 products, what would they be?” Hmmm… interesting question, and the more I thought about it the more difficult it was to choose as there were so many. But in the end, I put together my Top 5 List. Yours I’m sure will probably be different, but here’s mine in descending order:

5. The Wireless Video Sender Kit (VK82A) – These things are the greatest invention next to sliced bread. I have my video sender hooked up to my Playstation and the video receiver hooked up to my projector in another room. Have you ever played Tetris when the falling blocks are bigger than your head? It’s definitely an interesting experience! The video sender transmits video from just about everything to a second tv in any other room! [http://www.x10videosender.com/movie-download-video-sender.html]

4. A Transceiver Module (TM751), with a hawkeye motion sensor (MS13A) and a Palmpad Remote (HR12A) – Sometimes the most simplest things can be so amazing. This is why I put this simple kit as #4 on my list. There’s not really a specific package to purchase this from X10 (you'll have to buy them separately), but when I put these 3 devices together I’m like a little kid with a Legos set at Christmas time. Have you ever tried to outsmart a motion sensor? Well here’s your chance! It brings back flashbacks from that movie Entrapment, with Catherine Zeta Jones trying to break into the world bank by avoiding those laser sensors. That Sean Connery was a lucky guy! [http://www.x10.com/automation/x10_ms13a.htm]

3. ActiveHome Pro Kit – “I actually have a smart home!” was my first thought (of course with a cheesy grin on my face) when I first hooked this system up. Then to see the lights turn on in the morning to awaken me felt like an oddity. It got even weirder to smell the fresh-brewed coffee in the coffee maker when no one else was awake. Now that I’m use to all of this, I expect it. What can I say? I’m pampered by my house... How many people can say that? The ActiveHome Pro Kit will put a smile on your face that’s nearly impossible to wipe off. Who needs a girlfriend when you have ActiveHome Pro? (Haha… I know I’ll hear it about that one) [http://www.x10.com/activehomepro/activehome-pro.html]

2. The XCam Single Cam Kit – This little thing provides so much fun (not to mention added security) by placing it on your doorstep. It’s so small that most people don’t even see it when they knock at the door. I have one hooked up and refer to it everytime the doorbell rings. I love it when the solicitors come knocking at the door that they are adjusting and fixing themselves up waiting for you to answer, only to their unknowing that you sit on the couch quietly watching them until they leave! It’s funny some of the things people do while standing in front of a door waiting for someone to answer! [http://www.x10.com/products4/google/security_camera_vcr_lpdb.html]

And #1. The Video Calling System – This thing is just awesome. I love my Video Calling System kit. Whoever’s idea it was to take the Vanguard and make it into the World’s Best Webcam deserves a raise! I’ve owned webcams in the past, and this just blows those things out of the water. I have a hard time referring to it as a webcam because it does so much more! This thing can pan and tilt across your whole house - so you better keep your place clean when you use it! With a 22X Optical zoom (and a 2x Digital zoom) this baby allows you to see up to a half mile away. But unless you're Bill Gates, "Who has a house so large that you need a 44x zoom?" you might be thinking (Afterall, if you're like me you probably live in a rundown "podunk" shack)... Well, it’s a great thing to gross out your relatives by zooming so far up your nose that they can see your nose hairs! It’s just not a party without the X10 Video Calling System! [http://www.theworldsbestwebcam.com/]

In case you haven’t figured it out, yes I am easily amused! Now Let’s hear your Top 5 list. Tell us why you chose each item and how each one makes you feel. The first list that I think can beat mine (and make me want to abandon my list for theirs), I’ll send you a free Video Sender Kit (VK82A)! So do your best to convince me!

(Disclaimer: This free video sender prize valid only for contestants with a valid mailing address in the US, Canada, or US Territories ONLY. This prize is non-substitutable or non-negotiable. I'ts a gift! and I'm just trying to be nice! =) )


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Although I haven't used the video calling system I'd have to change my list only some what and remove that from my list!
The Active home pro kit would become # 1 Just about every thing X10 makes can be used with this. You might need an extra plug-in or third party add-on like BVC, X10Wavplayer, AlertDialer, or x10dispatcher (links to all can be found in the forums) but this thing is awesome! My house not only makes my coffee but tells me when it is ready via voice! Tells me Who is calling on the phone via voice. I can tell it via voice to do any x10 function. I can even phone up my house and tell it to arm my security system or turn on/off any device. It will even Phone me when there is a Sever Weather Warning and give me options of what to turn on/off (the look on coworkers faces when I recieve one was priceless). All these are done with add-ons but with out ActiveHome Pro (the CM15A) it wouldn't be possible! Move over Jetsons, I can control\monitor my home from almost anywhere in the world via internet or cellphone!
In the #3 position I'd have to place the ProtectorPlus. this is an awesome security system for the price! I use it totaly off the power gride at the cottage I have it set to chime every time a door or window is opened.
when sitting arround the fireplace and it chimes everyone asks "whats that?"
My responce "The security system is telling me we forgot to close the door!"
You should see there faces.Miles from anywhere and still high tech features in a log home!
When I tell them it will phone me in the event of a break in they ask "How much does that cost a month?"
When I tell them nothing they look even more confused and shocked! :)

i am very interested in doing for my home what the user tuicemen did for his home, can i contact him for advice?

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