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New Article on the iconRemote Just Posted

Hi everyone. Still no takers in my free giveaway from yesterdays post. Start sending me your Top 5 X10 Favorites and why you like each item and you can walk away with a new Video Sender Kit!

You may have noticed that I added a new article on the iconRemote to the community site today. Many of you know that we sold out on our initial allotment of 100 remotes a few weeks back, and they sold out like hotcakes!

The demand was so overwhelming that we were unable to fulfill all of the orders, as there were so many. We’re starting to hear some good things out there from many of those who were able to scoop up a remote. I thought I’d share a few of their responses:

Tom P. wrote:"Overall the remote is great. Any remote that my wife likes is definitely a winner! I especially liked the large number buttons. Easy to see."

Tristan V. says:"The screen is cool! Setup seemed easy than other remotes. It learned my older Yamaha audio gear fine when other learning remotes have had problems."

Tony C. mentions that "Wizard made it easy. I was able to set up all my devices without a manual!"

and there’s so many more! I wish I could post them all, however, you get the point… We’re getting ready to receive a another shipment. And when we do, you better be ready! Because if you snooze you lose!

I'm not going to go into explaining the features and functionality of the remote, as you can read about it yourself on today’s article, but I do recommend you get one when you have the chance!

For those wondering about the article, here's the link for you to read about it: http://www.x10community.com/article_iconremote_03222007.html


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The iconRemote is a great product. You get all the bells and whistles that come with other high-end LCD remotes at a great price. And it's so easy to use. Had mine set up and ready to go in minutes.


Thanks for the nice review. I completely agree with you on that analysis. The nice thing about the iconRemote is that it has the ability to free you up from a clutter of remote controls. I have mine set up to about 7 different devices currently, and it works great for each one of them.

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