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Bands, Blogs, and Three Day Weekends

It's Friday here at X10 and my copywriter is doing her best to make me very jealous of her tickets to this weekends sasquatch music festival. Over the weeks I’ve done my best to shrug it off, a lot of the multi-band concerts I’ve been to have fallen short of keeping my attention the whole time. (See bumbershoot lineups 1999-Present)

Then the curtains opened and she showed me the finalized band lineup and schedule.
Writing with tears slowly welling up behind my now frustrated eyes I try to shrug it off again. It’s ok though.

I have had a pretty good year concert wise up to this point. Last summer I was treated to something exceptional. My sister-in-law, Sue, works for Pearl Jams Management Company. If you knew me, you’d know the gravity of this situation. We picked our tickets up at will call under; get this, “Guests of Pearl Jam”. No opener, it was just three hours of everything I’d want in life, umm I mean a show.

A few months ago I received some last minute tickets to see Ben Folds at the Paramount. I’d seen him before, but there is something inspiring about watching a virtuoso at work. That man has crispness to his voice that for the most part is unparalleled. I won’t even try to describe his playing…I just won’t.

Finally, my favorite band of the past three years played a show near my sister’s home in Portland for 13 bucks. Yeah no typo there, 13 dollars to see probably 5 of the most in tune with each other musicians in the current music scene. Pinback, sorry, that’s the name of the band. Never heard of them right? That’s what I thought. That show was amazing as well, together they perform as one giant machine hurdling through song after song bending notes, muting strings, and synthesizing chords until no one is left sitting. They are probably one of the more upbeat bands I enjoy. Rob Crow – the front man of Pinback – is a madman. I do not have enough fingers and toes to count the number of bands he has been in and currently performs with.

All this talk of music makes me want to get home and be the quiet rock star that I am. I have no place to plug in my amps and let go full throttle. I can’t crank it to 11! So it’s all finger picking and minor chords on my trusty acoustic. That’s ok though, it’s about time to write some new songs. If you want to hear any of my stuff just ask. I have been pondering how exactly I could in corporate the Videosender into a performance or recording situation. I think it would be perfect for my home recording setup. I could put my mixing board and microphone boom in a quiet area and send the recording wirelessly to my laptop. Great – now I have to buy more X10 stuff!

So have fun Lyndsey...I hope it rains...kidding....no really I'll be sending a rain dance in the direction of eastern wa.
I used to live somewhere out there - so I've got that kind of power, husky.



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