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My Roomates Super X10 Powers

So, I recently left the nest for good. I graduated from Washington State University just about this time last year. 4 years was good enough for me. Living in Pullman, Wa for those years definitely gave me the chance to live on my own and with roommates. This is the first time that I’ve left my parents house with no plans on becoming a basement dweller again. Don’t be sad Mom, I’ll still come by on the weekend to tease you guys and walk the dog. (Yes she reads my Blog, she’s still my biggest fan).

Moving into a new place is tiring work. Especially when you have a mountain of old clothes to sift through. It was about time for that anyway. One of the biggest kicks I’ve had so far is my roommate’s appreciation of my X10 stuff. I have been interested in technology for quite a while, stemming from an initial interest in computers. Yeah, call me Kip if you like. If you’ve seen Napoleon Dynamite you can probably imagine how loud I laugh during Kip's wedding when he sings his new bride a song, here’s a bit of it.

“I love technology, but not as much as you, you see... But I STILL love technology... Always and forever. Our love is like a flock of doves, flying up to heaven above... always and forever, always and forever...”

Don’t worry; I’m not on that side of the dork scale – not yet anyway. I get home from work about an hour earlier than my roommate. This gives me time to sneakily install the new X10 gadgets that I get from work. If you could have seen his face when he walked through the door and I began flipping on lights in his path to the fridge with my remote control. His face went from pure confusion to absolute delight before I could even hit the last switch. He was sure that he had acquired some great power which would turn on lights everywhere he went. Just before he could declare his superpowers to me, he saw the remote in my hand. I think his response was something to the affect of, “So that’s what you do all day”. Yeah it’s a great aspect of my job – playing with home automation products. Since that day he shows off our fully automated bachelors pad to every guest he has, “And this button controls our weird Ikea light that Owen bought because he couldn’t resist the moving lights”.

I often find myself sitting on the couch wishing I could turn the bathroom fan off without going upstairs, or the outside light on before I go to take out the trash. If this situation comes up and I am out of the stuff I pick up at the office, I check out the daily newsletter. It really is the only place to find out about current deals, also a great place to get 4 SocketRockets for less than a new Xbox game. If you are interested in the newsletter go to www.x10minitimer.com and enter your email address in the little box on the left side of the page. There have been a few unexpected and exclusive sales as of late. Looks like I can finally get my hands on the Lola system, hooray.



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