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Choose Your (X10) Adventure

Washington took a bath today. My long drive home through a swampy interstate five afforded me plenty of time to think of a new blog post. Halfway between Federal Way and Tacoma I began to consider X10 and my favorite aspects of our home automation products.

Remember those series of books called Choose Your Adventure? If you do you are probably smiling right now because of how cool you feel recollecting the great times you had up in your special “reading tree” with a good Choose Your Adventure book. You chose option C, turned to page 74, and slayed the evil minotaur. Come down from the tree, high-five dad, and celebrate the great victory over a nice PB&J. Ok, so maybe it didn’t quite go like that for you - but my mom made really good sandwiches. I’m sure you recall the books even if your celebration wasn’t the same as mine.

Wondering how I will make the correlation between X10 and CYA Books? Here we go. With X10, anytime you are in your home you can think to yourself, what home automation project do I want to try next. Should I automate all of my lights, set up a protector plus security system, or setup a garage surveillance system? The possibilities in my mind are endless. My next project will probably be a Lola wireless music system. Maybe next paycheck I’ll splurge and make myself even more lazy, I mean umm, make my life more convenient.

If you’re like me, you’ve ripped your entire CD collection onto an external hard drive with ample space for your catalogue to grow. So now you have a digital jukebox just waiting for action. One problem, the party has to be where the music is - and now its in your computer room. That’s where Lola comes in - its basically a wireless jukebox connection for your MP3 collection to play over your home stereo. Yup, hook the video sender up to your computer and stereo and let the Lola software do the rest. You can scan your music library on your TV and choose which album to play next from the itunes on your computer. If I had known about this thing in college I could have been a hero, a dorm party savior.

Anyway - that was the adventure I chose for tonight…


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CYA!!! A librarian's best friend! I loved those books. And they are a lot like the the X10 experience. ~ Have to admit, I rather enjoyed trying ALL of the CYA options and then picking the best one. Is that cheating?

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