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Welcome to Owen's Blog

In the same vein as Mark Cuban and Matt Cutts comes to you a blog about…..nothing?

Well not exactly, I may not be as popular in the public eye as those two bloggers, but my mom thinks I’m pretty cool. I’m a Junior Graphic DesignerGraphic Merchan-…Web Graphic Desi- …lets just say I put together the pictures you see for some of the newer sites to the X10 family. Particularly I have been involved in creating and

I also seem to have developed the knack for keeping in touch with the daily changes that Google introduces to the World Wide Web. They are taking over the world after all, aren’t they? This would explain my reference to Matt Cutts above. He is a face to the Google-Monster that so many SEO nut’s look to for information, most of it derived from his blog. Why Mark Cuban you ask? Well, he has a blog and his team the Dallas Mavericks just knocked the evil Spurs from winning another championship. Yeah I like basketball.

Me? Well I have quite a lot going on lately it seems. I joined X10 in January 06’. I recently moved out of my parent’s basement, no more free rent :(. I’m a musician, a three point specialist, and pocket billiards extraordinaire. Well ok, I’ve been in garage bands, I haven’t played basketball for months, and my pool cue is getting pretty dusty. I am pretty good at Halo 2 though, a little too good. Seems for a while there I traded studying for finals, for scouring the elaborate levels the guys over at Bungie created for Halo 2’s multiplayer modes. So I graduated from WSU last year, but kept my Xbox Live account.

Who has time for Xbox Live when you work at X10? I do require sleep, so I’ve made a deal with myself. I turn my Xbox on a little while after I have arrived at home in the evening. To keep myself from playing all night I took a page, well a webpage – this one to be exact - from our Mini Timer site. I set my MiniTimer up so at midnight the power to the Xbox is turned off. I’m sure all those gamers across the Xbox nation are relieved when that time rolls around and my character vanishes, halting my overwhelming Battle Rifle attack before their over shield can be completely depleted. (Insert comment about me being a Nerd here) Or maybe they don’t care. Either way, now I don’t fall asleep with the Xbox on and instead know its time to go to bed…..




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