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I can't X10'nd my leg...

Thanks to my personal trainer, my X10 Home Automation Equipment has become more convenient than ever. Why? Well on Sunday he decided it would be a good day to get started on turning my legs back into something resembling muscle. I used to play Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, and Golf…now I click a mouse. Being young afforded me a lot of time to pursue sports and compete on recreational teams. I’m still young, but I have bills to pay and IRA funds to grow. So since I’ve left school my time for sports has grown smaller and smaller. With all of that being said – my legs are sore! I’ve been used to the soreness from working out since I’ve been a fan of the gym since high school. I never focused very much on legs. Squats, lunges, and the leg press have left my poor legs quite tender. I’m walking like I have little interaction with them. That’s why it’s nice when I get home that I don’t have to run all over my house. If I want the music on my computer to come on I grab my Lola remote and it’s instantly on my TV screen. When its time for bed instead of going to every light switch in the house I grab my remote and watch them turn off. The all lights off feature is pretty nice. As soon as I get ActiveHome I’ll never have to leave my computer chair again………….yikes scary thought.

If only X10 made some sort of module that I could place on the workout machines to make the resistance less, or to make my trainer disappear when I’m ready to quit. No pain, no gain though……right?


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