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Beer, Brats, and Cherry Bombs...

Here it comes again…

The Fourth of July is just around the corner. A favorite comedian of mine, Jim Gaffigan, has a funny line about our national holiday. He says something to the affect that he needs to have at least a hotdog, bratwurst, and a steak if he is going to be blowing anything up. I used to enjoy lighting fireworks a lot when I was younger. My neighborhood is in a part of the county where we are still allowed. Now I’m more interested in being with friends and family in the sunshine. Maybe this year I’ll have a BBQ. It would be a perfect time to use my Lola. I could broadcast a whole patriotic party mix from my laptop upstairs to my stereo on the patio. Well, maybe not patriotic music – but something loud. I was going to use my minitimer again for some homebrewed beer, but I don’t have enough time for the beer to be ready. Too bad, I was going to try to keg it for the first time.

Anyway we are working on a new site – featuring a new product at X10. Keep your ears and eyes open… I’m sure Marko will tell you before I do.


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Beer is the only disease that we advirtised without any fear.

Always on my mind --


Always on my mind --


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