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I never forget a face...but in your case....

Jeeze, I complain about not having any books to read and almost instantaneously my family throws books at me. Well ok they didn’t really throw books at me, but both of my sisters had a bone to pick with me. All that attention was just the motivation I needed to get myself out to the bookstore, check that, three bookstores. The first one shouldn’t really count because it was in a mall. Yeah I went to the mall. I had to get shoes – I swear. I think it was one of those Walden Bookstores, but just after passing through the entry way I realized how inadequate those stores are.

So from the mall it was off to borders books. I strolled up to their nifty title search computer interface and quickly found the author I was looking for, Neal Pollack, would have to be ordered. I needed a book now, not 2-3 weeks. So I decided to go with a newer book from Nick Hornby – he typically writes a book that keeps my attention. A few hours after my purchase I ended up at Half Priced books. What a spectrum of bookstores I saw that day. I went from cheesy mall store, to yuppie Starbucks inside store, and finally to a store that also sells dungeons and dragons paraphernalia. It just so happened that my old roommate from freshman year in college worked there. I strolled up to the counter and asked him if he knew of the author I was after. I knew I’d better ask a person since this kind of store would not have any kind of futuristic book locating robot like Borders. He typed the name into some prehistoric Pentium 1 machine and after a few blips and bleeps he concurred that if they were to have the book it would be located in the Fiction section – thanks buddy – I replied sarcastically as I began my journey to the aisle labeled P. To my surprise there on the shelf was a book by none other than Neal Pollack. I grabbed it to the shelf and quickly completed my transaction. How ironic that I could get the book I wanted at a fraction of the price just by heading to the right source.

That is very much the way I think of our new website, www.newtox10.com. Unlike the mall store, and borders, Half Priced Books had a familiar face to it. Similarly, New To X10 is introducing a personal face to the world of home automation. My team is working on taking the site in this direction. Check out the site, and then visit it again a few times in the next couple of weeks – and you’ll see what I mean.



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