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Hooray for weekends...

Friday is here again. My Lola system should arrive tomorrow. I took advantage of the free shipping by adding a few socket rockets to my order. Those things are probably my favorite pieces of X10’s home automation lineup. They turn just about any of your household lights into automated lighting. Yeah, it can make a person lazy, but think about how convenient it would be to have one button that turns off all of your basement lights. I don’t think I have acquired enough of them to sync the lights in my entire house to whatever song is playing in itunes.

Any big plans for the weekend, you ask. Nah not really – the three day weekend left me with a cold. I camp for one night and that’s what I get. My latest batch of home brewed beer is just about old enough to uncap one and put my feet up. Oh I just had a great idea – I’ll go see X-Men3. The X-Men series seem to be the only superhero movies that I’m impressed with. I’d imagine it’s probably because of the cartoons and toys of them I enjoyed when I was younger. Now if they can figure out how to make a cool G.I. Joe movie, that’ll be something.

Nothing much to say today…next week I’ll tell you all how to incorporate the MiniTimer into your home brewing process!

Have a nice weekend.


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