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Keep Your Head Down Grandpa...

My Grandfather lives on the water near Seattle, in a place called Three Tree Point. It is quite a view to stand on his lawn and see Puget Sound. Over the years the family has received many emails from him with pictures of something amazing out in front of his house. I think the most recent picture I recall was of a wayward parrot that took refuge in a large tree on his property. It stayed for quite a while if I remember correctly. These pictures are always a surprise and typically a fun thing to receive.

Yeah what does this have to do with anything you ask? Well our new product, the X10 Sentinel, would be a vast improvement in his current setup. This camera can be mounted outdoors. Next time a seal crawls onto his deck he can zoom right up close to it; the camera has an amazing 22x Optical Zoom. He could even kick it up a notch and use the 2x Digital Zoom to get even closer. Oh yeah, did I mention he can do all of this from the comfort of his couch - without even going outside. I can just imagine getting an email with a close up still frame shot, with a link to live to view the spectacle over the internet, The Three Tree Point Webcam. And I’m sure he would also use it to analyze his own golf swing once he is done hitting a bucket of balls into the ocean every morning. It would also be a great way for his kids to check in on him… or for him to remind them his lawn needs mowing. Oh yeah, and he could use it for its original use – security.

So where can you get one of these cameras for yourself, or your grandpa? Well we have designed a new site – http://www.x10sentinel.com . This camera really has too many features to list in my blog so just give it a peek.


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HI Owen,

Great idea for grandpa! I want one too.
Uncle Ken

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