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Air Conditioned Daydreams...

June in Washington is starting to feel more like June in California. My body isn’t going through as big of a shock as many that I know are. My schooling at WSU, in Pullman Wa, gave me many chances to experience extreme temperatures. I stayed for a summer to finish a Calculus Course and saw just how hot it can get. I think it was over 100 degrees for about two straight weeks. The heat is quite a bit dryer in that part of the state, but anything above 105 degrees gets pretty scorching.

I was browsing our X10 Blogs and I noticed that Tony put a post about the weather as well. He is far more adept to all that X10 can control, but I too have an X10 on my fan. It’s a cheap Wal-Mart fan, but it doesn’t feel so cheap when I can click a button across the house to cool down my room before I dare walk upstairs. My apartment is very much like a hot air balloon. Heat rises, and well the top of our stairs is often unbearable.

I also noticed Marko’s new blog post. He posted a Google Calendar featuring important dates in the SEO world. That’s search engine optimization to the non Web Producer. You might not be that interested in SEO events, but take a closer look at Google calendars when you get the chance. These calendars can be posted online, shared with friends and families. They are great for groups of people to keep track of events. Maybe my mom can get rid of the seventeen paper calendars she has strewn around her house, and I can finally keep track of everyone’s birthdays.

It’s about time for me to trek down the I-5 desert. Wish me luck.


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