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X10 Sentinels and Promos

The weeks seem to be ending up at Friday sooner than usual. I guess time flies when you’re…working hard. The Sentinel Site has really come together. Not only have we included camera comparisons (X10 Sentinel vs. Sanyo VCC-9000, Sony EVI-D70, and a few others) but we have added Multiple Camera Systems for those that need extra surveillance. I also got the chance to have an extended demo of the Sentinel. It’s pretty nifty to be able to move a camera around with a remote control just like your typical TV remote.

Thankfully the weather has cooled down a bit. Don’t get me wrong I love sunshine, but when you are pushing 100 degrees in our area – it can be pretty miserable. Town homes were not designed for hot weather. Heat rises, and well, as you can imagine my bedroom being upstairs made it pretty unbearable. Even with the MiniTimer set to turn on the upstairs fans around dusk, the thermostat was still nearly off the scale.

Our Community Director Mike is running a pretty interesting contest. He is taking video submissions from anyone who creates an X10 Promo. There is a weekly $500 dollar shopping spree awarded to the video with the highest votes. If you want to see what X10 looks like inside see his intro video at the X10 Community Site. Its actually a pretty funny video and everyone in it works for X10.


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