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Woah - still here... sorry

Sorry Mom - I'm still here at X10 I know you haven't been able to read my usual blog posts about whats going on with work and my life. I've just been so busy that my blog has slipped by the wayside. Why so busy? Well....

First my car gave up on me. The water pump froze up and seized my engine while I was doing 65 in the far left lane of rush hour traffic. Picture Owen rolling to a stop in a congested part of I-5 just past the Tacoma Dome. Changing lanes without a gas pedal behind you is quite an experience. I made my way to the right and finally made it off the road. The car is toast. Well, not completely done, just too expensive for me to see the value in spending money on something with such high miles.

Second, my roomate and I almost moved. We had the opportunity to escape the ghetto and move in with a friend in Federal Way - a little closer to work, and a little farther from people who like to take things from our garage. But our landlord won't find the kindness in her check cashing heart to let us go. We are on a month to month lease. Apparently its a law that 20 days of notice must be given in order to vacate such a lease. We have come to terms with that, but in our lease there is a "no moving out in december" clause. I did my best to be kind in phone conversations with her, but I've thrown in the towel for the moment. Hopefully the offer to move will still be available in January. No big deal the place we are in right now is very nice, we just want to be closer to work and away from the hood.

Next I bought a truck. Oh yeah and I had a birthday. Then I bought a truck. While my car was broken my dad let me drive our old chevy; a truck I drove throughout college. This made me realize how much I missed driving a truck. I probably can't describe fully why this is, but it just is.

Turning 24 has resulted in me having to act like an adult more frequently than I care for. I barely have time for video games and family guy. Instead its car insurance shopping, and catching up on rental law.


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Owen! Sara sent me a text message just to let me know you had blogged because I've been waiting for this! And now the time has come and I have nothing witty to say.

But happy late birthday and congrats on the truck. And sorry about the jerk landlord. Getting away from the ghetto is good.

Feed Sara well today!

Thanks Rae. Yeah I haven't posted in quite a while.

Thanks for the comment. Yeah landlords suck at life - for the most part.

I'll keep an eye on sara and her unusual eating habits. Corn nuts and jerky.

Quesadilla and guacamole! That's like three whole food groups. I totally win.

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