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Shame on you Ghetto Boys

So at what point do you give up and say… “Ok, ghetto – you got the best of me..” ?

If you read my blog you’ll know that I chose looks over substance in my housing choice. I decided to live in a nice place located in a shady area. A few people warned me. To get to the point – my roommate and I were robbed again. Someone broke into his brand new used car a week or two ago and took just a pair of sunglasses and a few random cd’s. That’s it. The thief rammed a screw driver into his lock so hard that the mechanism fell into the door itself and broke. That’s an expensive inconvenience if you ask me.

I’ve been lucky and I have to admit a little smart. I didn’t have anything stored in our garage when it got hit, I knew better. As far as vehicles go, no one has touched either of my cars – yet…knock on wood and all that.

So we’ve decided its time to let the ghetto stay ghetto. You can’t keep nice things in areas where people like to take them. I certainly don’t want anyone taking a screwdriver to any part of my new truck unless it’s to install something superb, like a strobe light. We are moving a bit further north, closer to our old stomping grounds and further from the annoyances we’ve been facing lately.

If you see anyone wearing a pair of white sunglasses carrying two snowboards and wearing a shirt that says tony let me know, my roommate is very interested in talking to them.


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Maybe it's time for your roommate to buy a X10 Protector Plus Alarm System along with some Xcams? hehe

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