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The Video Sender gets an upgrade...

The New Video Sender could have saved me quite some grief back in the days when I was still stuck living with my Parents after College. This is what would happen...

After a long week of Halo2 and sleeping.. I mean applying for jobs and ironing clothes for interviews... I would sit down Sunday morning to catch a bit of football on the television. About halfway into the first quarter my eyes get droopy and the boring parts of the game just blend into dreams of building go-karts with landlords. Just before I would fall completely into a slumber in would walk my father, apple in hand. Now everyone in my house knows that an apple, Popsicle, bowl of soup, or any other liquid snack spells an annoying time with my dad. You see - he's one of those loud chewers. I know you know a few - the people who say they leave their mouth open during the process because it adds to the flavor. So in comes my dad and the apple destroying begins.

By about bite number three my stomach is turning and I want out of the room pretty badly. But how can I justify leaving the Seahawks high and dry before the 1st half is even over? Well - I often made the sacrifice and found something else lazy to do, missing a large portion of the game till my dad's interest was gone.

So how does the New Video Sender come into play? Well not only could I have sent the video of the game from the main TV in our house to my secret screening room in their basement, but with the added channel control functionality I could have easily used my X10 5 in 1 remote to flip between games in another room while my dad focused on his apple. The same idea goes for DVD player, CD player, and most other major audio video component. Man I could have been lazy - It would have been amazing.


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