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Friday = bagels.

It's sort of like being in grade school on Friday when you either got to have pizza for hot lunch... or maybe your class got a pizza party. (I tried to think of more examples but it just hit me---we've been bribed or rewarded with pizza since childhood...a little odd)
Anyway this has nothing to do with pizza but everything to do with Friday + free food = hooray. I am still just as easy to please as when I was in 3rd grade. At X10 we get bagels, pastries... all the good stuff and it almost makes getting out of bed a little easier on Friday morning. It couldn't hurt that I know tomorrow I won't be waking to the two alarms I have rigged to get myself out of bed...
This blog is quickly unraveling I will write once I have food in me... hmmmm and at least one cup of coffee.


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I see you're moving in the right direction - soon, like mine, your blog will be about fifty percent related to food and the obtainment thereof. (The other fifty percent should be related to Panic! At The Disco...but I guess I'll give you more leeway on that one, maybe.)

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