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I work at X10!! It's official!

Today I am have become Sarah MacKay-X10 jr. copywriter--officially. My first real job. Ahhh. I am just going to enjoy that sentence. And writing--for a living. (another great sentence to savor) Marketing! - for a living....
Anyway, I am very excited. I am excited to learn everything I can and become a copywriting guru. What's really great is learning about the fun gadgets I write about. Like the X10 Video Calling System--which I even got to bring home! It's like a webcam-- but better, so now I can talk face-to-face with my family and friends that live far away. And I have a lot of people that live far away. See, I live in Seattle, my parents and sister live in Massachusetts, my brother is in Virginia, the rest of the family is in Vermont and Florida. My friends are everywhere--Chicago, South Dakota, Georgia, Michigan... and my '<3' lives in Texas. I may have just gotten my 'first real job' but I can't afford to fly all over the country when I want to see everyone I love and miss!
Luckily, Video Calling is free! I just use my aol IM name and I can show everyone my house and of course my beautiful face! Now, if only I could do something about those pesky 'time-zones'... at least I don't have to wait until 9pm to get my free wireless minutes anymore! Hooray!
A great job, and getting to use fabulous products like webcams...what more could a gal want?


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Hey MacKay! This is Rae (Sara's Rae, that's fun to claim...), I am like the official x10 blog fangirl. Congrats on getting the job! Where do your friends live in Georgia? It's a nice state, annoyingly chilly right now.

Aww, Texas! We will have to discuss the joy of long distance relationships one of these days - and by that I mean sigh and look mournfully at each other.

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