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The road to Kent and thoughts on rain

The road to Kent

Today, during my lunch break, I went on a mission. A mission to find out why the 150 bus from seattle doesn't actually stop at the 150 bus stop right across the street from X10. After being put on hold many times and explaining my question m-a-n-y times I found out.... there is no answer. It is a black hole in the world of public transportation. Great.
So my minivan needs to keep truckin'. Not that I doubt the abilities of my 1998 blue-ish purple-ish Dodge Caravan, she has gotten me from Massachusetts to Colorado twice. And this summer she hauled everything I own to Seattle. But I could do without the sputtering on the highway or the feeling that the bottom might drop out everytime I go from 45 to 65 mph. Then again, the constant fear keeps me awake during the commute.

Bring on the rain!

I am new to Seattle and Kent for that matter, well, the whole state of Washington if we're getting technical. I have realized that Seattlites have one thing to say to newcomers. They'll ask me, "So, how do you like Seattle?" and when I answer,"I love it" they bust out the line everyone must have to memorize to become a resident here, "Well, just wait until it rains, we'll see if you still love it..."

I have been waiting. Seattle gets 96 sunny days a year. I have been here for three months and have used about 80 of those days...leaving only 16 more sunny days left. So my wait should be over...

And you can't scare me Seattle!! I love rain! I love it! I am going to buy galoshes and splash around. I am going to catch the rain in pots and drink it. I am going to wake up everyday and say "Yes! It's still raining!" then I will come into the office and shake out my umbrella and say "Beautiful weather we're having, eh?" I laugh at your rain HA! I laugh!
(And even if I don't, I'll never let on....)


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It's not the rain that brings people down... it's the gray skies... If you can handle that then you'll be ok..... =)

When I was in NY I got to really missing the rain...I'd put my headphones on and go out walking in it. :)

Unfortunately here it just makes people drive really slowly. You have the right attitude though!

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