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hunger pangs.

Good afternoon. Marko and Owen are out of the office, which means I've spent a lot of time forlornly listening to Death Cab For Cutie and, you know, doing my job. But with a slightly melancholy air about me. It's hard to be too sad when you're wearing bright pink sneakers, however (which I am, if that wasn't, er, implied), although I seem to be coming down with the sniffles, so that's awesome, thanks immune system.

You'd think writers wouldn't be sick very often, since all we ever do is sit there and type and brood and occasionally moodily complain about our art, or whatever, but something about the temperament makes us all supremely prone to illness. Just think about the great writers of the past - they're all dead, right? See. (Don't argue with my logic, I went to school for this.) It doesn't help that we often invite it by overindulging in vices. We're like rock stars, only without all the money and women and recognition and hotel room trashing and money, and money, and also money.

Of course, I don't smoke, and I feel it would be somewhat tacky to imbibe at work. Besides, it's so cliche to go for liquor and insanity - I prefer to get really old school. Why emulate Thompson and Ginsberg when you can kick it like Shelley and Keats? Consumption, that's where it's at. I look better pale anyway.

[Sidebar: I'm currently drinking a bottle of Snapple Raspberry White Tea. It's pretty enjoyable. Unfortunately, now that I write copy for a living, I can't help but notice ad copy everywhere I go, which makes sense as we live in a commodified world where everything has a price - including my soul! I mean, just kidding. The copy on this bottle of Snapple declaims its use of white tea leaves, picked when they're young for better flavor. Unfortunately, the copy ends with "So drink up, but quietly. The baby tea leaves are sleeping." Snapple, that's creepy. The baby tea leaves aren't sleeping. They've been crushed to death so we can drink their tasty juices. Please stop anthropomorphizing them, thank you.]

I've spent most of the afternoon working on a letter to our X10 Community members, because we think they are groovy and want them to come hang out with us more. So if you're a member, go visit! I promise it's neat. And pretty. (The email was somewhat different in phrasing there.)

Mid-afternoon delirium may have taken the form of me queueing up Pour Some Sugar On Me on my iPod, but you can't prove anything. It's also possible I was just going through the D's, and thus followed Def Leppard with Depeche Mode and then Destiny's Child (this after a morning of Death Cab and The Decemberists).

Continuing adventures in spam: Gamble For Fun! Really? Because usually I gamble for nourishment. Note to self: start eating lunch instead.

Speaking of which, hey, food. I should go find some of that.


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Mmmm....Snapple...... =)

Those poor baby tea leaves! ;)

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