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So you may be asking yourself, what does a copywriter do exactly? A copywriter writes copy. Man, I'm glad we got that out of the way.

Apparently websites don't just appear out of thin air (I know, I was surprised too); there's all this stuff that has to happen first like designing and writing and coding and possibly electronic sacrifices to the technology gods - I don't want to get too much into it. Most of the words on come from me, except for the ones that don't. I haven't been here for very long, so some of the copy is old and dusty from before my arrival. If you read something particularly inspiring and insightful, though - totally me. If you're wondering who puts together the shiny pictures, that's Owen. If you're wondering who puts the site on the internet for you to poke around, that's Marko. If wish you had a candy bar, that makes two of us. (If you'd settle for an apple, maybe, I really think you should have a better handle on your goals. Don't give up, tiger!)

I spend my days writing copy, and sometimes changing copy I've already written, and sometimes learning about the things I'm supposed to be writing copy about (which, helpful!), and sometimes bothering Owen with insignificant questions over IM even though he sits five feet away from me. I'm currently embroiled in an ongoing sci-fi saga taking place in a series of spam emails I keep getting. They were quoting Lord of the Rings for awhile, and that was a good time.

Okay, back to doing the thing I'm meant to be doing. I just can't stop talking about the X10 Sentinel PTZ Camera, and only partially because if I did stop they'd get annoyed with me and tell me to get back to work. Until next time!


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