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That's what makes it vicious. / And a circle.

In case you were wondering, here are the current scores re:

Sara vs. Excel
Excel: 1
Sara: 0
Like everyone in my generation, I had to take typing/computer classes in high school. (Fun fact: I still can't really type numbers with any sort of speed, I always have to check and see what I'm typing. I also have the worst number memory of anyone ever, my brain takes in numbers and just doesn't care. They're gone in an instant, replaced by thoughts of tiny fluffy kittens tumbling in a field, or Ryan Ross, or the sudden urgent need for a bottle of Mountain Dew.) I didn't actually learn to type with any sort of speed until I started using the internet on a regular basis, and I'm pretty sure everything I learned about Excel left the minute I walked out the classroom door. You say spreadsheets and I think of making the bed, or cookies, or making the bed and then eating cookies in it.

Mike suggested I put all my brilliant suggestions for the community blog site in a spreadsheet for easy access instead of Skyping him every five minutes to be like "WE NEED A BLOG TEMPLATE WITH KITTENS" (not an exact quote), and though I offered him a shiny Word .doc with fuschia font and Webdings, he insisted on a spreadsheet. I have thus been wrestling Excel into submission...all day. So far it is winning.

Justin Timberlake vs. The Decemberists
Justin: .5?
Decemberists: .5?
My scoring system is falling apart already. Both Justin and Colin Meloy & co. have new albums out, and I have been listening to both in the last few days and being generally puzzled. I'm still in the early "This is...different" stage of listening, and mostly it has sent me scurrying back to the familiar. This is complicated by the fact that I have mostly been listening to Panic! At The Disco lately (by lately I mean: every freaking day), and they don't sound anything like Justin or the Decemberists and the more I listen to Panic! the more I just want to...listen to Panic! (and see them in concert, um, seven times. Haha oh god is it November yet?) so it's already serious aural dissonance; on top of that, The Crane Wife is a pretty major departure from earlier Decemberists records and there hasn't been a new Justin record in four years, so that's pretty different.

Anyway, so far I'm really liking LoveStoned/I Think She Knows Interlude from FutureSex/LoveSounds; it's seven minutes long, and goes from a kicky dance number about a girl he likes to, in the last two minutes, a sort of pathetic love song, only using the exact same lyrics. Neat trick, Timberlake. In a similar I'm confused but I can't stop listening fashion, When The War Came, off The Crane Wife, is a political rock song from a band mostly known for singing sea chanties and songs about eighteenth-century prostitutes, and I keep listening to it and being puzzled and then listening to it again, so I guess that's pretty effective, as songs go.

Sara vs. This Week
Sara: so far victorious
Last week dragged in a big way, but as of right now I am not as soul-crushingly tired as I was last week, plus I only have a four day week, as I'm taking Friday off to spend the day on a plane which will eventually make its way to New York. I'm going to visit for the weekend and see all my friends; on Saturday we'll be roadtripping down to Pennsylvania to see My Chemical Romance at the state fair in Allentown. There will be a petting zoo. Please don't try to compete with the awesomeness of my upcoming weekend. You will lose.

Also, the MTV Video Music Awards are on this Thursday, and I am really looking forward to them in a way that I can't recall ever having looked forward to the VMAs before. Surprisingly to no one at all, I am mostly looking forward to them because Panic! At The Disco will be performing. The lead singer, Brendon, promises that they will be "flamboyant." I love them with something like seventy-five percent of my soul. (NB: I only actually have seventy-five percent of a soul, the rest is in hock.) I am hoping for a performance to rival Britney and Madonna, if you know what I mean and I think you do, but either way I'm sure they will be ridiculously awesome and I'll spend the duration shrieking to my friends on the phone about it, and also possibly the following day, in which I may just accost random passengers on the plane to inquire as to whether they saw what Spencer was wearing, and oh my GOD, could you even believe that performance? What? Stop talking to you? Okay.

Yeah, this'll be an okay week.


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I am just going to keep commenting to you. Because this is all we do all day anyway. Sheesh, I kind of thought maybe when we weren't talking you actually thought about something other than Panic. I was wrong.

Allentown! I like my kind of crazy, I really do.

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