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Inside, outside, I must have done a dozen each.

On my mind today:

Envy: As of right now, I have two friends who are in New York to attend the VMA's. This is not because I hang out with rockstars (which isn't to say I don't hang out with rockstars), but through a series of unrelated events that led to them both having the opportunity. I predict Thursday evening will be a fit of text messages and seething jealousy. Well, probably not seething. Maybe simmering gently until it evaporates. At least I'll get to find out what really happens before everything is edited down for television.

Pluto: Haha, owned.

Geography: I have no concept of space. America is the thing between Washington state and New York. As far as I know Middle America contains like, cornfields. And Republicans. Possibly cowboys. It's all the land in the way that means it takes me an eternity to get from one end of the country to the other.

I'm mulling this over not only because I'll be taking that flight on Friday (and then Tuesday), but because I'm also going to Chicago in September and for some reason I didn't realize Illinois was so far away. In my head it was a two hour flight; in fact, it's more like four. One day I will master this whole "time zones" thing. I'm feeling slightly less outraged by the high prices of flights and slightly more stupid at my apparent inability to recall fifth-grade geography.

Cookies: Mike brought cookies! Mike wins at today.

My Inevitable Terrible Revenge: In other news, I appear to have possibly taken down Marko with my long-running plague death virus. Next on my To Destroy list: Owen. I will then proceed to spin around in my desk chair, listen to my iPod, and surf cuteoverload.com all day.

Another Excuse To Blog: We're starting to work on a new website, which is exciting. That should be live in a couple of weeks. This new product has the capability to record video, and one thing you can do with that is, of course, video blog. (Of course. Obviously.) I find this prospect hideously attractive, as what I really need is one more opportunity to plaster myself all over the internet lke a particularly affectionate face-sucker. Not that I would video blog here, but I'm amenable to the idea of videoing myself talking about my day and my obsessions and forcibly snuggling my cat on camera and then posting it on the internet so all my friends can see how fabulous my life really is. That's all for my other blog, which I will never, ever link here.

Copy: Today I'm aiming for a tone which is "exuberantly salesy". Tomorrow's predicted tone: coolly detached with a side of vaguely suspicious. Oh, not for copy. Just for me.


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I'm flattered you consider our lunches as "hanging out with a rockstar". I caution you on releasing your 200 Day cold in my direction - I have immunity to such things.

I think instead of sharing your germs you should share the other earpiece to your ipod!

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