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My love is electric, yeah.

Today, in Sara's Awesome Eating Habits: teriyaki beef jerky, an Asian pear and a cup of coffee for breakfast. Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week, though probably not much longer than that, because I will be dead.

My nice older housemates - by that, of course, I mean my parents - are out of town for the week in Mexico celebrating their anniversary, so I invited a friend of mine over in hopes that she would cook for me and I would not die of malnutrition. I am unspectacular as it is as to attending to my own health, and predicted straight nights of getting home and getting online and then looking up four hours later and thinking maybe I should eat something. So Kimberly's over for the week, making sure I don't decide that just staying really still so I forget I'm hungry is a superior alternative to getting up and going to the fridge and probably eating an avocado with hot sauce and maybe caramel syrup right out of the jar for dessert.

Kimberly's been cooking me food - actual food! - so I can eat when I get home and then we chat and/or watch Veronica Mars and a lot of MTV Hits and get into socio-political analyses of Beyonce videos. Then I get wily and sneak off to talk to my [insert word here which encompasses the relationships I have with various friends around the country, originally and still to some extent based on going, "Wait, but no, why is Panic! At The Disco so good? No, seriously, I don't understand? Why are they so pretty? If I bit them, would they taste like candy, or would they shy away from me like unicorns?" on a regular basis, but which are yet so much more important than that], right, anyway, to talk to some people online and then she sidles in and reads my books and we take occasional breaks to poke inquisitively at my cat Lucy (still fuzzy? check!) and then we go to bed and it's neat, basically.

Tonight's activities include watching the season premiere of The Office (!!!!!) with Kimberly, probably shrieking and clutching each other all the while, probably finishing up the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream between the two of us, and packing. Packing! I suck at that. Hopefully I'll have the two new hoodies I ordered from Urban Outfitters - these in addition to the green one from American Apparel that Rae will be bringing me in Chicago.

Tuesday was all about intense amounts of work and also shopping remotely. The hazards of texting me to say you're in American Apparel in Atlanta: I'll be like, "Ooh get me the bright green hoodie, they don't have it online and I don't know when I'll be able to make it to AA in Seattle," and then, "Yeah, the green one like Brendon's wearing in the pre-VMAs pictures," and then, "No, the bright green one?" and then I'll get a text back that's just a picture of a hoodie and I'll go, "Yes, that one, size large, thank you, I'll pay you back" and then probably there'll be a less-than-three heart (<3) and possibly some sort of internet-slang acronym and a few decorative exclamation points.

And then after writing and rewriting some copy (working with Ben, who is not so mythical as I previously espoused) I hunted around the Urban Outfitters website and, upon failing to find the two products I wanted, used my break time to call the UO stores in Seattle and after one unsuccessful attempt, reached the 5th Avenue store, found out they had the two hoodies I wanted, did a happy dance in the back hallway and then arranged to have them sent to me. Actually going to stores is so 2005. I prefer clothing be brought to my doorstep or hotel room.

Tomorrow I fly to Chicago to see Gym Class Heroes and Cobra Starship, but more importantly, to see a bunch of my internet BFFs. Ahh, fandom means never having to be alone in any city. So, yay for hotel rooms with bunches of girls and running around Chicagoland (I've never been!) and really awesome music.

All the boys have been hawking our X10 Fantasy Sports Tracker, so I'll throw that link on the pile. If you're into fantasy sports (and the tracking thereof) go on and check that out.

Right now I'm listening to Send My Love To The Dancefloor, by Cobra Starship, and it is so good I wish I could broadcast it over the PA and let everyone hear it, and then we would all dance and a discoball would extend from the ceiling and I would sing, "Hey Mr. DJ you gotta put a record on, yeah!" and it would be awesome. The movie of my life would be packed full of lies but it would obviously be a musical and therefore better than my actual life. Usually, anyway - I think this weekend will be pretty excellent, and there's always November to look forward to. As I posted to the "Why do you work?" bulletin board, I work because Sallie Mae has a chokehold on my financial security, and also so I can afford to see Panic! At The Disco seven times on their fall tour. And so I can buy hundreds of hoodies and slouch around in them like a disaffected fifteen-year-old. Although I also enjoy the occasional satisfaction from a job well done, when I've gotten it right and been told as much, or when I can bat around suggestions that are actually listened to.

I also enjoy the emotional satisfaction of eating this Asian pear from Kimberly's pear tree. Go get more coffee? Okay!


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That is so not trash talking. I was expecting much worse!

I rule because i just woke up, and because I just tried to spell "rule" with a j.

Remember when Carrie asked, "are they all boys"? Enough said.

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