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while the city sleeps we rule the streets

Oh, travel. I'm thinking of those Playstation 2 commercials from ages ago, the ones imagining Playstation 9. That was clever. Along those lines, I'm ready for the X10 Teleportation System. See your friends and family face-to-face via molecular diffusion and reconsolidation. Of course, I would probably use this less to hang out with my friends and more to roll out of bed and be at work five minutes after that. Dreamy. My favorite technology is always that which allows me to be that much lazier. (For what it's worth, our Video Calling System is pretty groovy for now. Maybe they'll let me work via Video Calling! Of course I couldn't work in my pajamas and thigh-high American Apparel athletic socks, but it's still a nice idea.)

So I went to Chicago to see a show and had a pretty spectacular time. I saw two bands I like a crazy lot at a really tiny venue with a great crowd, and a bunch of guys from this other band I really like were also there, which made for a pretty surreal time all around. I spent a lot of time running around downtown with my friends, and bought a bunch of things (yay! things!) and all I really want to do now is go to more shows and buy more things and hang out with my friends. I'm ridiculously in love with Cobra Starship right now, and I need them to get more famous so I can go see them headline some shows. Therefore you should listen to them and like them and get their record when it comes out.

We Are Scientists on October 7th, then nothing for almost a month! Sadface goes here. Maybe I'll get a ticket for Cute Is What We Aim For, but that's not 'til November. Oh, life. Secretly I'm just waiting for Owen to get famous so I can be his merch girl and go on tour. Get on it, graphics boy.

Other things I'm ready for: cheaper travel, all of my friends to live closer to me, Panic!'s fall tour to start already (November 9th, why aren't you HERE YET?). Dinner. Okay, yeah, right now mostly dinner.


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Ok... I'm gonna need a drummer, a reliable bassist, and some talent. Then we're set.

I can clap and stomp my foot at the same time. Can I join your band?

Can I be Owen's tour manager?

What hoodie are you wearing today? I don't mean that in a creepy stalker way.

Jeeze - a merch girl - foot stomper - and tour manager. Guess i better get practicing.

Merch girl?? I might be dating myself, but... Is that the same thing as a groupie?

Basically Carrie - except they also sell tshirts at the door.

Basically Carrie - except they also sell tshirts at the door.

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