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Now with 100% fewer pretty eyelinered emo boybots.

Summary of today: By four o'clock I was listening to Wanted Dead Or Alive by Bon Jovi on my iPod. On repeat.

Further details: I bullied Marko and Owen into Wendy's for lunch, which was rather easily accomplished because I was all low blood sugary and when that happens I sometimes get a bit manic and frightening. After a hearty meal of french fries and chili I was ready to pass out, and then alternately psychotic, elated, exhausted, and/or crabby for the next few hours. Owen later compared my typing to Beethoven pounding the piano keys. I can't help that I get so passionate about writing copy! The persecution I have to put up with, man.

Anyway, we have some new kids on the playground so go check out the brand new blogs of the following people:

Scott: Is, at this exact moment, apparently too good to have updated his blog yet. He's our Director of Marketing, and sits over in the corner just out of range of my paper airlines. I'm working on an alternate method of communication involving tin cans and a string; we'll see how that goes.

Carrie: She's a graphic merchandiser like Owen, only instead of being five feet away with computers between us she sits right next to me. This means we can have hushed conversations where we occasionally mutter disparaging comments about Owen just loud enough for him to hear his name, but not what we're saying about him. Carrie is excellent.

Ben: He's the other copywriter in the company, and you know what that means - cage matches! I know very little about Ben; for awhile I was convinced he didn't actually exist. Though I've actually met him now, I still have my doubts. Step up, Brockhaus! I don't think I've seen him since. Possibly they keep him chained up in a corner somewhere.

Or you could just keep reading mine and quietly long for the day when you too can work at X10 and get all my sparkling wit firsthand. Stay strong - I mean that.


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We really are going to setup a camera to document your virtuoso facial expressions.

Just don't set up a microphone, I'm sure you don't 'really' want to hear what we are saying about you, Owen!

p.s. I'm sorry but Bon Jovi is unacceptable - even if you went to school in NY.

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