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You might eclipse the moon tonight.

Back from New York. I would briefly summarize the events of the past five days, but...I'm not going to.

Coincidentally we're currently working on something that would make expensive cross-country trips less necessary, which will be nice to have since I'll also be spending a lot of money flying places to follow around some dorks in a band. I would talk more about that, but every single person who has an X10 blog has already been doing so (Man, I am not lying to you.) and I loathe redundancy. We have something awesome coming up, so batten down the hatches and put on your dancing shoes and brace yourself etc. As head copywriter on this project I spend all day talking about it and then writing about it and then talking about it some more, and I feel to do more of that here would give you, faithful reader, too much of an advantage over the less fortunate people who don't read this blog, and I'm all about fairness. Except for when I'm about elitism and privilege, which would be usually.

(I just said head copywriter like I'm in charge of some legion of lesser copywriters, and...you know what? I'm just going to let you go on thinking that's how things are around here. Please imagine me sitting in front of my computer with a league of scurrying minions eagerly submitting to my authority, occasionally begging audience, eyes wide and fearful of my disfavor, bringing offerings and cowering when I scold them for not being good enough. Yeah, just like that.)

Obligatory blah blah blah Panic! At The X10 Blog:
1. Video of the Year, that's right!
2. Tickets have been successfully secured for all seven dates I’ll be attending, complete with early admission since we got them all presale. A pretty nice gesture on their part, since last tour was clubs and similarly small venues, while this one is arena. This way the first 150 people to buy tickets get to go in first. Awesome.

Which isn’t to say my life is free of musical conflict – of course the day in December that Death Cab For Cutie hits Seattle with Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins I’ll be in Las Vegas seeing Panic! for the sixth time. This isn’t so bad, because although I was a huge Death Cab fan for years, their last album didn’t do it for me in a really intense way, and I was pretty okay with missing the last tour and I think I’ll be fine missing this one in favor of seeing my favorite baby discopunk kittens in their shiny, shiny hometown. Bummer to miss Jenny Lewis, though. Oh, I’m not even going to think about the possibility of her coming on with Ben to do backing vocals or something, that’s just too painful.


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I would briefly summarize my thoughts on your *Panic* addiction...but you've already heard it all.

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