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It's beginning to look a lot like something-or-other.

Today, in:

Angst: My Sidekick is refusing to recognize my charger, which makes charging...you know, impossible. I have to send it in for a replacement, which is deeply traumatic, and go get a loaner phone, which is deeply annoying. Am currently waiting for T-Mobile to call me back and tell me where I can pick up my loaner, because I'm going to my grandparents' house tomorrow early, and we'll be there until Saturday, and if I don't have my Sidekick with me I will probably have a nervous breakdown and it will not be awesome.

Attendently, I used to be very insistent in my disdain for cell phones; I didn't want to be constantly available to anyone, anytime, I had things to do and I needed my freedom. Now if I'm not constantly available by phone, text, IM and email I practically get a twitch. I used to carry a notebook, now I just type things into Notes. I used to forget dates and times, now I have the Calendar function. I used to be impossible to get a hold of, now I'm so available I'm practically in your pocket. Thanks a bunch, modern technology.

a. Party: Heck yes.
b. Feast: Thank you, X10!
c. Day: I will not stress out. I will find my zen place of calm and tryptophan. Breathe in and out, etc.
d. Pardoning: Really!

Leaving early: YAY! Have a happy Thanksgiving, everybody. :)


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If you go to the Supermall, you can get a replacement phone there. I did the same thing when my dropped my Sidekick....

My sidekick is weeping because it's counterpart is broken! Sympathy pains.

Sidekick hipster kids.

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