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Sleepy bunny.

Long crazy weekend this last, three shows three days, two states and an another country. I'm not sure I can do that again, but what a time. My mental screensaver is the Nothing Rhymes With Circus tour and oh, do I ever have a headache. I like food and sleep but I'm ultimately uninterested in either. I have to go to the mall after work and I absolutely don't want to. I feel wretched.

In X10 news, our new Video Sender is all manner of goodness, and I have spent some time today speaking of it, in between bouts of feverish madness. My forehead is warm and my hands are freezing. I'm wearing a fuchsia scarf. All I want for Christmas is still to be determined.

Insert reason for updating blog here. (Actually, the new Video Sender is pretty neat.)

She's a killer queen, hopped up on Canadian codeine.

Summary of today:
[11:56:14 AM] Owen Robinson says: ahhh
[11:56:28 AM] Sara (the copywriter) says: sigh of satisfaction or lower case scream?



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